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幸运5怎么玩赢钱几率大 Australia is proud to announce the return of MG Show and Shine, supporting Australia Red Cross. The month-long event celebrates the rich heritage and bright future for the MG Brand and shines a spotlight on the many fascinating stories behind the cars and their owners.

Open to entries from the 10 of October 2022 – 11 November 2022, our owner's participation will not only help us to showcase the wide range of MG vehicles in Australia, but also help contribute to a worthy cause with each submission equalling a donation to Australian Red Cross.

Enter your MG now for the chance to win one of over 40 amazing prizes!*

Terms and conditions are available here.

View the list of 2022 Show and Shine winners here.

2022 Entries are now closed.



See our latest 2022 submissions here:

Best MGA Roadster 1500 in show, 1957

I have owned my MGA all my life. It is my first car ,my Grandma and Grandpa helped my buy it. I am having a bit of trouble sorting out the pedals but I am getting better at it now. If I get it sorted Grandpa might let me drive one of his MG’s

Best MG TF in show, 1954

Being able to drive my MG every weekend for the last 12 years.

Best MGB MKII and BL (1968- 1974) in show, 1974

My MG memories. Bringing home a rusty wreck in many boxes and bits. Working for hours with my sons in the garage and emerging into the summer light with a stunning fully restored 1974 MGB. Now we are making many more family memories travelling with the top down and warm breeze in our smiling faces

Best MGB Rubber Bumper Roadster and GT (1975-1980) in show, 1977

Driving my MGB after ac3 year restoration project and enjoying the exhaust crackle!

Best MGB MKII and BL (1968- 1974) in show, 1968

Way, way, way-back I owned an MGB roadster which I dearly loved and enjoyed. It was the most reliable car I had owned. Since then, I'm now retired (84 yrs) but 18 months ago, I noticed a brand new 'Yellow' MG3 in the Kippa-Ring MG showroom, which I had to buy. It's extremely reliable.

Best MGA Roadster 1500 in show, 1957

Being asked by a bride to be if I would allow her and her new husband to use the MGA for their wedding photos. I was more than happy that they liked my MGA so much that they wanted it in their Wedding photos

Best MG TF in show, 1955 TF1500

Taking my 86 yr old mother for a drive with the top down. Needless to say, she held on tight and loved it!

Best MG Saloon in Show (2000 - 2008), 2003

Being taken to my daughter's wedding! Happiest Day!

Best MGB MKII and BL (1968- 1974) in show, 1972

I was apprenticed to an electrician when a I experienced a serious accident. Being broke I began hitching around NZ looking for seasonal work. I was picking tobacco in Nelson when the accident Como check arrived when I turned 21. Hoped on a train to Auckland where I cleared the check and booked into

Best MG3 in show, 2018 MG3

My favourite memory of owning my MG3 has been running it at the MG Car Club Rob Roy Hillclimb.

Best MGB MKI (1962-1967) in show, 1967

Picture taken at All Saints Winery. This car was made for weekend relaxing.

Best MGA Roadster 1600 in show, 1962

My Dad fully restored a 1962 MGA, which took him 4 full years! I loved going to the MG car shows and club rides with him when I was little... the drive to and from these shows was amazing because everyone would always stop to admire the car! :)

Best MG racing in show, 1948

1948 MG TC Named “Vulgarilla” – With a rich racing history dating back to 1954. Being a custodian of this famous car with such history, for not only for the MG Racing history, but Australian Motor Sport, brings such great great joy to young and old, its a humbling privilege and honour to be apart of

Best MGB MKII and BL (1968- 1974) in show, 1970

My husband bought his beloved 1970 Red automatic MGB whilst we were dating.We had many memorable experiences in it together. My favourite memory was taking it to our wedding and having photos with it after the reception on the steps of the Victorian Parliament House. This was the beginning of journe

Best MG ZS T in show, 2021

Purchased my ZS T in October 2021 and have completed my first 10,000 service in September 2022 great car and enjoying every drive.

Best MG ZS in show, 2021

MG ZS – our ultimate goal We once had a dream to own an MG – which started in the UK back in 1972 where Natalie was the proud owner of a duck egg blue MGB and Stewart took pride in his gold MGB GT. The thoughts of owning another MG commenced in 1997 – after raising a family. Natalie purchase

Best MG Midget in show, 1936-1953

My Dad's love of MG's build this T-Type MG from a scooter with the number plates MG MIDGET because of it's size. Full EV battery powered to 50kms speed. With boot and spare tyre for those long trips,

Best MG3 in show, 2022

What’s not to love, the shape the colour. The fractures my gosh, apple play,sat nab, comfortable seats, lots of get up and go, cruise control,rims, excellent on fuel. Air bags. So smooth to drive. Each drive is a pleasure. 7 year warranty and road side assist. Love my little blue girl

Best MGB MKII and BL (1968- 1974) in show, 1973

Our grand tour from Melbourne to Darwin/Katherine/ Wyndham and return in our much traveled MGB.

Best MG racing in show, 2019

A good memory was in 2019. It was post-COVID remember listening to my USB full of downloaded music full blast with the sunroof down, driving the highway with the wind in my hair and not a care in the world. I would often turn heads from other MG owners when they saw my racing stripes.

Best MGF-(F and TF ) in show, 1998

Got my limited edition (50 imported) Targa Tropy MGF around 5 years ago. Going through a mental health issue, it helped give me optimism and purpose as I “do her up”. Still not finished - spent more than it’s worth but love it!

Best MGB GT V8 in show, 1975

Watching the Father in law win Best Mg at the awards

Best MGB Rubber Bumper Roadster and GT (1975-1980) in show, 1976

My favourite drive was taking part in a Kimber Run in Adelaide amongst several hundred MG’s. Mine was one of around 25 V8 models or conversions. I had a worked 3.5 litre Rover V8 with a Toyota Supra gearbox. A magnificent car.

Best MG rolling chasis in show, 1932

This is a 1932 MG F2. The car has been in parts for many years . It has joined my collection with my MG WA of 1939. The car is coming together with recent new panel work and plenty of TLC . Looking forward to hitting the road in time for the MG centenary in 2024.

Best MGB GT V8 in show, 1973

This MGBGT V8 has recently been restored after over 20 years off the road. The car is one of the original 2 cars displayed at the 1973 Earles Court Motor show by Leyland in the UK. The car was purchased in the UK and imported to Australia by Members of the MGCC of Sydney.

Best MG TC in show, 1949

Just finished a refresh on this famous TC special known as the “Fritz Special” Founder club member Fritz owned this for 65 years during this period it was raced, hill climbed,motorkhana,OST and sprinted.Although I have upgraded with some lightweight carpets trim lights etc it’s still lively on road

Best MG ZS T in show, 2021

Was the first day I pick up my first car it was with my partner when we drove it off it’s a proud moment knowing you got something new and it’s yours

Best MG Midget in show, 1969

Imagine being told at every stop that a car so beautiful should be left in a museum, and never daily driven. But instead you fill up the tank, blip the throttle & spin the wheels onto mud, sand, or highway - because you will never be told not to adore it out and about - every single moment you can!

Best MGA Roadster 1600 in show, 1959

I was in a really bad place mentally, but I’d agreed to meet up with a mate, so I took the MGA and by the time I arrived at the meeting place I was in a better mood, by the end of the day my whole attitude had shifted and I was again loving life. Driving the A changes the day in a great way.

Best MGB MKII and BL (1968- 1974) in show, 1970

My roadster is my pride and joy, there is no better feeling driving locally, roof down and the many thumbs up and big smiles I get from young and old. Whilst my B is over 50 years old, my B - Makes Grin Bigger (MGB) and a thorough enjoyment to drive anytime!

Best MGA Roadster 1600Mk11 in show, 1962

Driving from Somers to Flinders piet to pick up a dozen freshly shucked oysters from the boat... Magic

Best MG racing in show, 1968

Racing the MG with my son creating great bonding moments. We enter most hill climb events at Ringwood Park and are both members of the Newcastle MG Car Club.

Best MG TD in show, 1950

just the pleasure of driving an MG if the ultimate experience

Best MGA Roadster 1600 in show, 1960

"Ollie" is a Le Mans tribute complete rebuild and is arguably the cutest and fastest MGA in Australia. She is Hawthorn Green or the real British racing green and was built to race, however she is so pristine she never made it to the track. With a super-hot configuration, she is not just a pretty fac

Best MG TC in show, 1949

I have both a sad and a fond memory. My friend, Mirka, passed away and she found it in her heart to bequeath her beloved MGTC to me. It involved travel to Prince Albert, in South Africa and transport to Cape Town for preparation and loading into a Brisbane bound container.

Best MGB MKI (1962-1967) in show, 1966

"Bluey", is a Marine Blue MGB. Found, unused for 6 or so years, located in a farm shed. After much love and attention, she was awarded 1st in her class at the 2021 MGCCT Concours. The car is exceptionally reliable and is a pleasure to drive. Both my cars are maintained by David Short here in Hobart

Best MG HS in show, 2022

Picked up my new MG! Sister and I, are road trip ready!

Best MGB MKI (1962-1967) in show, 1966

Having owned my MGB now for 50 years i still enjoy every drive to meet with fellow MG owners for a coffee and chat.

Best MG TD in show, 2021

My favourite memory is driving on a holiday and coming back and washing ruby! (Ruby the zst)

Best MG3 in show, 2021

Buying a brand new car is always a thrill, my mg3 has performed spectacularly since purchasing it of the showroom floor! A great every day car and also very comfortable seats for my once a year road trip to Echuca, very economical compared to my old falcon. I can’t recommend these high enough!

Best MGA Roadster 1500 in show, 1958

My wife and I drove from Central Queensland to Melbourne to collect an MGA wreck. It took me two years to restore it to its current condition. It is now my pride and joy.

Best MG3 in show, 2021 MG3

When I picked up my first brand new car I’ve ever owned. I did my due diligence, watched You Tube videos & read great reviews on the MG3. I’ve never been disappointed. Love my car.

Best MGA Roadster 1500 in show, 1958 MGA

My favourite memory is of going camping at Freycinet National Park, Tasmania in our MGA back in the 1970s. A long, hot drive from Launceston; no air con unless the top was off…and that meant no protection from the sun! 45 years later we’re still together and still have that car. It is now fully res