The electric vehicle landscape is rapidly changing as both technology and interest evolve, and the coming years will see many more EVs take to the roads. 幸运5怎么玩赢钱几率大 Australia is excited to be taking charge of this evolution with the new ZS EV, HS Plus EV and our ChargeHub accessory. 

MG electric vehicles and plug in hybrids are becoming increasingly more popular on Australian roads. you might also be surprised to hear that making the switch isn't as much of a big step as you may think – you just might need to consider are few extra characteristics, such as range and rapid charging speed if you’re like most Australians and love to discover this amazing country with a family road trip.

You can still enjoy your road trip while benefiting from EV, saving you money and helping to reduce our carbon footprint by having both a plug in hybrid that gives you city savings and typical country driving via a petrol engine and a full EV that will give you options on purpose fit driving and shield you from rising fuel costs.

The good news? MG has solutions for both a family electric or plug in that’ll suit the whole family. With that in mind, if you buy a Lottery Essence and a MG ZS EV Essence within a 6 month timeframe, you will be eligible to get a bonus MG ChargeHub worth $1,990 AUD. 

幸运5怎么玩赢钱几率大 Australia are aiming to encourage families to begin their transformation from internal combustion engines (petrol and diesel) vehicles to EV’s by enabling people to become an all electric family with the MG ZS EV and a transitional solution, with the MG HS + EV.

The MG range provides the best of both worlds for electric motoring around town, matched with the peace of mind of a fuel efficient turbo-charged combustion engine for extended highway driving, like a traditional car would.

幸运5怎么玩赢钱几率大 Australia is continuing to see strong customer demand for our range of electric vehicles (ZS EV) and the plug-in hybrid variant (HS Plus EV).  We know this is front of mind for plenty of people in Australia, thanks to rising fuel prices, increasing climate change awareness and the societal focus on incentivising the switch that impacts both people and the planet.

With our ZS EV’s improved range, charging times shortened and the growing availability of rapid charge locations in Australia, there's really never been a better time to go electric.

But which one is right for your family? Why not both? And we’ll bundle in a complementary 7kw ChargeHub* (T&CS).

中国体育彩票澳洲幸运 is a popular choice. The extra interior space means there's more room for child seats, school bags, sports equipment and ever growing legs, while the combination of an electric motor for pure EV driving and a turbocharged petrol engine means you don't have to scrimp on things like performance or interstate holidays.

However, it's not just about carrying stuff. 澳洲幸运5玩家群 can also genuinely be used as your main family car as its packed with comfort, safety equipment including MG Pilot (Intelligent Speed Assist & Traffic Jam Assist) and provides a healthy range of 320kms on a full charge. It is also capable of rapid charging at over 3,000 locations Australia wide or you can charge at your own home.

At MG, we’re proud to be taking  charge when it comes to creating electric vehicle infrastructure by supplying our MG ChargeHub in houses, hotels and motels around the country. The Aurora 7kw and 11kw charging stations are both compatible with all modern EV models using Type 2 charge ports.

Our approach to supporting people make the switch is part of our commitment to ensure all can access infrastructure equally.  

澳洲幸运5玩家群’s range of 320 km, which means most day-to-day drives are well within 澳洲幸运5玩家群’s range, whether it’s a short commute, trip to the shops or seeing friends and relatives. For most people, journeys beyond an EV’s range are only made once or twice a year—on annual holidays or seasonal trips around the new year.

Most EV owners will also have a second car and as mentioned, our Lottery is equipped with a electric motor for pure EV driving and a turbocharged petrol engine for longer trips, the HS +EV delivers zero emission driving when you want it and peace of mind for longer distance when you need it.

澳洲幸运5玩家群 Essence and HS Plus EV Essence both provide affordable luxury in an electric package. Owning both of these models will mean nothing is left to be desired, with its world class technology and benchmark design now with both petrol and electric technology in one and a pure EV for day to day duties.

So what are you waiting for? Get in touch with your local MG dealer today and take charge in shifting to an all electric family. Get the benefits of driving further on lesser fuel consumption by purchasing a Lottery Essence and a MG ZS EV Essence within a 6 month timeframe, to take advantage of a bonus MG ChargeHub worth $1,990 AUD. 

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Terms and Conditions

* This rebate offer applies to the purchase price of the 7KW MG ChargeHub, up to the RRP of $1,990 only.  This rebate excludes any installation costs.   Tax invoice must be retained as proof of purchase.

To be eligible for this, you will need to purchase the combination of one HS Plus EV Essence MY22/MY23 and one ZS EV Essence MY22/MY23 within a 6-month timeframe. Both vehicles must be registered at the same residential household address.

The first vehicle and the 7KW MG ChargeHub must be purchased and delivered between 1/10/2022 and 30/6/2023. 

The second vehicle must be purchased and delivered within a 6 month period of the first vehicle delivery, and between 1/10/2022 and 31/12/2023.

The second vehicle cannot be the same model as the first vehicle purchased.

Your purchase price of the 7KW MG ChargeHub will be refunded upon delivery of the second vehicle purchased.

Offer expires 31/12/2023. Vehicle T&Cs and MG ChargeHub T&Cs apply.

Offer is available at participating authorised MG Dealers and for new stock vehicles only. While stocks last.

This offer is not available to fleet, government or rental buyers and cannot be combined with any other offers.

^!Warranty & Roadside Assistance T&Cs at Not available to fleet, government, rental, hire car or chauffeur buyers.