Mum-of-two Fiona put the value-packed MG HS Essence X through its paces for a week, as she ferried her beautiful boys on day trips and scenic drives. Up hills and through meandering forest drives, the MG HS performed like a dream, with her family lapping up the luxe interior as they explored.

“It was great to take the MG for a little adventure,” Fiona said. “The panoramic sunroof gives plenty of opportunity for the kids to enjoy the views of the clouds, stars or forest canopy as we’re driving along. There’s plenty of space in the boot to pack all the paraphernalia that the kids (and I!) need.”

From sweet handling to plenty of power and supreme safety for peace of mind, the MG HS is bursting with family-friendly features.

Power: 2.0L Turbo Engine and All Wheel Drive
When it comes to family adventures, a car with grunt for tackling all sorts of driving conditions is key. And with a powerful 2.0L turbo engine and all wheel drive, the MG HS handles winding country roads just as easily as the open freeway.

As Fiona explains, “The turbo engine gives the MG power to get up those hills. Once you’re used to the way the car responds, you’re set to enjoy your trip. The all wheel drive also gives you the confidence that the car will be able to handle wet and slippery roads with ease.”

“I very much enjoyed driving the MG HS Essence X. I felt like I had a great driving position, with a good view of the road ahead. Once you’re accustomed to how the engine responds, it’s a comfortable drive. The steering is light and the car has a great turning circle.”

Safety: MG Pilot
Whether we’re doing the school run or cruising through the mountains, the safety of our ride is paramount. And MG has thought of everything in designing the HS, making safety a key priority with MG Pilot. It’s a full suite of advanced safety features that include:

  • Intelligent Speed Limit Assist
  • Traffic Jam Assist
  • Rear Cross Traffic Alert
  • 360 Degree Camera
  • Adaptive Cruise Control
  • Active Emergency Braking
  • Lane Assist System
  • Door Opening Warning
  • Blind Spot Detection

“The MG Pilot Safety Suite is an amazing part of the car’s computer system! There’s a whole host of features to ensure that you and the kids are safe while on the road.

“The 360 Degree Camera is by far one of the best I’ve seen. It gives you a clear view of what is around the car – be it kids, shrubs, trikes or other vehicles. So you can easily park or reverse with confidence. There’s also the rear cross traffic alert when you’re reversing that lets you know if a vehicle is approaching.

“The Blind Spot Detection is a must have and is a light indicator inside the car next to the side mirror (not on the side mirrors like a lot of other vehicles). It’s just another layer of confidence to have this feature to help with changing lanes.

“And speaking of lanes, the MG HS Essence X also has a Lane Assist System, which will gently guide the car back into the lane if you start veering off course. And while I (fortunately) didn’t activate it, the car has Active Emergency Braking that will automatically brake the car to prevent low-speed collisions.

“All the safety features (and there’s more than those I’ve mentioned above!) add up to provide you with peace of mind that if you’re having a bad day or are distracted by the kids, there’s a back up in place that will help to keep you all safe while you’re driving. It’s no surprise that it has a maximum 5-star ANCAP rating.”

Fiona’s two little ones are still in child seats, but she says the roomy cabin space meant they were able to stretch out and feel comfy, with enough space between the child seats for a small adult to sit. Thanks to ISOFIX mountings, child seats easily and safely click into place.

And there was still plenty of leg room as they grow, as well as a wet storage box underneath the boot floor, and of course a spacious boot for toting everything families need for a day out.

But what about mum and dad’s comfort?! The MG HS Essence X has it all sorted with adjustable leather sports seats, front heated seats, dual zone air conditioning and rear-vents.

“I love the tech features in the car too – Apple CarPlay is amazing! It’s so good to be able to plug in your phone and have a familiar interface and apps to work with. The integration is great and the voice control via Siri is seamless. If you ever do forget your phone though, the car’s colour sat nav is easy to use. It was great to see USB ports in the rear as well, so the kids can’t complain about their iPads running out of battery!”

And what about that Panoramic Stargazer Sunroof?

“Having the sunroof is such a great option. You can get some airflow in the car and enjoy the view as well. I loved the red stitching on the leather trim – it looked gorgeous and was so soft to touch. You can even choose the colour of the ambient lighting in the car! I even managed to test out the heated seats on a cool morning and it kept me toasty warm!”

After a week behind the wheel of the MG HS Essence X, Fiona says she was more than surprised at the premium features packed into such an affordable SUV.

“I’m blown away that with all the safety features and luxe touches it has, the MG HS Essence X comes in at such an affordable price point. It’s definitely one to put at the top of your list to look at.”

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