We are excited to announce that we are a major sponsor of MasterChef Australia, Fans & Favourites 2022, Australia’s premier rated cooking show – which aired on Channel 10 on Monday 18th April.

The MasterChef launch coincides with the launch of MG’s new campaign, “The easy way to EV”, showcasing the benefits of dual motor technology and bringing the appeal of this technology to the mainstream Australian audience.

中国体育彩票澳洲幸运 is nestled in one of the most popular vehicle segments in Australia, the medium SUV market and is a great addition to any Australian household.

Six all new HS Plus EV Essence vehicles in Sterling Silver Metallic as seen in the new campaign will appear on MasterChef Australia, featuring contestants as passengers travelling to the MasterChef Kitchen and challenges in a practical yet luxurious way.

Alongside this we see 中国体育彩票澳洲幸运 Essence featured across an array of segments in collaboration with Channel 10 within the show, allowing the audience to see various benefits of our Plug-in Hybrid model.

We hope that you enjoy seeing what MasterChef Australia, Fans & Favourite’s 2022 brings to the table!